100 Word Challenge – 100 words exactly!!!

”What is that?” asked Pingle Pickle, in Picklish of course. She was a short and stubby Pickle, but  looked more like a little cucumber.Plungee Pickle, on the otherhand, in the middle of saying ”Idon’t know, Pingle, ask Dad.”, looks like a Lebanese cucumber with a bit of hair on him. Then there was Mr and Mrs Pickle.They are both fully grown Pickles.

”Daaad, what’s thiiiis?” whined Pingle.”Cupcake,I dunno. Let me take a photo with my Pickle Phone and look it up.” replied Mr Pickle.

”Ah Ha,ooooooooooo, yeah, gosh,…….” ”Dad, just tell already! wanna know too..”Plungee whined.” It’s a  blue whale’s rare tooth.”

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