Letter to Liz

Dear Liz,

It sounds like you had a great holiday.I did too. The first few weeks were spent at home, boring me. My holidays first got exciting on the 12th of January.
I flew to perth that day. All of my family lives there so I was really excited.I saw my cousin on the 13th, or 14th.She is at that stage that you just adore her. Halima is 1 and just starting to talk. She can say Mama, Dada, ya, for please she says peas, for Lilli she says Giggy, fpr Aunty Kikki she says Kik, for my little brother Owen she says owowowowow or obobobobob. I enjoyed my time in Perth.
Some of the things I am looking forward to in 5/6 is the met-challenge, buddies, using more public transport and contiuing to work on my blog. I think I will do well in these becausei love answering questions and reading maps, working with and helping little kids, exploring different ways to do the same  thing aswell as ICT and programming.
I expect to enjoy participating in these activities also because doing so will require using some of my talents. ICT and art skills, patience and different questioning strategies are some of mine.
My favorite subjects are ICT and art. After school I enjoy running ’round the back with my neighbours. My favourite colour is Yellow and I enjoy eating Ice- cream.
Sincerely,           Lilli C. 🙂

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