Swimming Carnival

( I’ve written this recount in the form of a diary entry.)

I’m so excited. I’m walking to my first ever swimming carnival. Yay! Sorry, gotta cross the road. Oh, eek! i can see the queens park swimming pool!

Am spreading out my towel and food with Lilli B behind the Lawson tent. Eden ha just called my name, which means i have to go line up at the other end of the pool, for my first event. I’m in the Yr 5 girls 50m freestyle.

Phew! that’s hard work! Came 5th of 8 girls.Started strong and ended weak. hopefully i do better in the next one.

Oh, woo ow, gosh…. I’ve been in 6 races in a row! Am supposed to be in the one now but I feel like I’m gonna faint.

OK, so came 5th in backstroke, “by a hair”.Then I attempted 2 backstrokes in a row, one against yr 5 girls and one I had to fill in for Jessie X, so I competed against Lilly T and Amelia. Came 5th in the yr 5 and 3rd in the yr 6.

Next i went in  the 5/6 girl boy relay. It’s when a girl swims 50 m, tags the boy, he swims back and tags the girl, she swims, and on and on. There is 36 people in total, 4 boys and 4 girls per house.

Then, after we came third in that, I was put down for the next relay. I asked Mali to fill in for me in that one, because I haven’t eaten since breakfast.

I’ve  still got the cork scramble to go, but I’m looking forward to that. Oh, cork scramble to the marshaling line!

Woo woo! we won the cork scramble! 104 points/ corks! Josh, (house captain) and I started a conveyor belt, where everybody passed corks down the line until they got to me. and we didn’t even get 1st place ribbons.

We rehearsed our chant for 15 minutes before we left, and we  didn’t even get to perform it.

Walked back to school, where Karisse announced that Lawson came third! Chisholm won, groan.

So pretty fun day, but its a shame we didn’t win.

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