Mathsmate sheet 3 problem 24

Prediction: I predict this problem will be about worded problems ( which means numbers that are explained via words, not numbers, which isn’t like saying twelve times three instead of 12×3, it means like what is all the possible intersections from Bourke and Russell street, but in that problem there would also be a diagram.) and combinations.

Read: At our camp we were told to make as many different sandwiches as possible. We had cheese tomato, lettuce and ham available so we made sandwiches with no filling, some with just ham, others with ham and cheese, others with ham cheese and lettuce and so on. How many sandwiches could we make?

Clarify: I had no words,phrases or sentences to clarify.

The Big Question: Is asking how many filling combinations can be made out of 4 fillings.

Mathematitions tool box: Test all possibilities, make a table or a list.

Solve: I drew out all of my possible combinations:





h    c    l    t    h+c    h+ l    h+ t    nothing    h+c+l+t    l+c+h    l+c+t      c+l+t    c+h+t    l+h    l+t    h+t    l+h+t


Summarize: I did get my predictions correct, as combinations were involved and it was a worded problem. I also used my  guessed strategies to solve my problem.

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