100 Word Challenge #week30

My favourite books are the Harry Potter books by J.K Rowling. They are my favourite books because they are action-packed and full of thrills. They are also very addicting; I am not sure how, they just are. Unexpected twists are always coming up, but they are still unexpected; again I am not sure how, they just are. I suggest you read these books if you are aged 8 to infinite. These books are also not the right books to choose if you are looking forward to reading another book after these. Everything seems boring compared to the Harry Potter books.

2 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge #week30

  1. Lilli, this is a very succinct but informative review. It has reminded me of how much I enjoyed reading the Harry Potter series of books.
    You have a lovely style of writing, I like the part, “I’m not sure how, they just are!”
    Keep up with your passion for reading and share your reviews to guide others along your reading journey!
    A great 100 wc Lilli – well done!

    • Thank you Mrs S, I have very muchly enjoyed reading this series. What was your favourite book? I’m not quite sure of mine. The most sadest book for me was the Half Blood Prince, because everybody dies. well not everybody. “I’m not sure how, they just are!” was actually true, because I am not sure how they are addicting, there are so many reasons. Excitedly awaiting your reply, Lilli C. (>o<)

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