105 100 Word Challenge?Um…

The light is so bright I can hardly pass. I am playing a netball game against St Monicas and they’re  beating us 1-12. We’re going to lose again, like we do every week. We have only won one game so far, that’s because Essendon forfeited. But most of us have never played before and these girls all play for teams. YEAH! Go Juzzy! He just scored! Right now he is playing GA, my favourite position, but I’m stuck in WA. I wanted to play GD today, because my neighbour Scarlett has come down to B Team (in GA) just so she could play us. Thanks a lot, Scarlett.


One thought on “105 100 Word Challenge?Um…

  1. Hi Lilli, I’m not sure if your 100WC was supposed to be funny, but it did make me laugh, especially the part about you winning because the other team forfeited!
    When I played netball, a very long time ago, my favourite position was GA too!
    It’s great to see the wide variety of punctuation in your writing, well done.
    Maybe next time, you could try to use more interesting sentence openers for effect.
    Well done and keep writing. 🙂

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