Friends… once.

Once upon a time there were 4 friends. Their names were Jaksen, Lilli, Emily and Austin. One day, Lilli got told that they were moving to Melbourne. Emily and Jaksen were not that close, only through Lilli. Austin was Jaksen’s little brother. Lilli moving led to separation.

3 Years Later…

Lilli was now in her third and last year in Melbourne. She was on holiday in Perth. Her mum, Cristy, still kept in touch with Bek, Emily’s mum, and Nina, Jaksen and Austin’s mum. Cristy and Nina had planned a holiday in New Zealand where they and their families had a great time in 2013. In 2014, Emily and her family had moved back to Perth, which was Jaksen and Lilli’s most visited destination.

Lilli, now enjoying 2015, is moving back to Perth next year, where they will re-unite.

Jaksen, Lilli, Emily and Austin  had the most memorable times together.

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