Memorable Montrose

I’m Lilli and I attend Moonee Ponds Primary school. We’ve just got back from holidays so I’m going to tell you about my trip to Montrose on the 10th of April.(We have NOT just got back from the holidays: I wrote this in April.)

I went with my neighbours Scarlett; 11, Georgia; 9, Nicholas; 6, and their Mum Jane. I woke up thoroughly psyched. I jumped up, got dressed, and packed as quickly as I could (which was difficult considering I’d only been awake for 10 seconds), breakfasted and ran outside because Jane just came. She asked mum if I could travel with Scarlett and Georgia in their car. I was so relived I wouldn’t have to drive with my insanely annoying brother, Owen. But saying so, Nick was worse. MUM SAID NO! I yelled “Mum, you’re a sheep.” I say very random things sometimes.  She said jokes though, so I grabbed my bag and ran next door to their car to find Scarlett and Georgia were just as excited as I was. They were already in the car. Jane hopped in and we set off. On the way we picked up Hannah, their younger cousin of 8. It seemed like such a short hour filled with making videos with my app Video Star, which allows effects while filming. Before we knew it we were at Montrose shopping centre, and Mum and Jane had gone to a video store and bakery.

When we set off again we were twisted and dizzy in five minutes. There are a lot of windy streets in Mt Dandenong.  We got through them and went up the steep (but not so steep compared to Karratha’s hills) hill that was their driveway. We were parked in front of their holiday house. It was old, white and worn. All the same, we jumped out and got ready for our great adventure!

Inside there was a deck, kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Scarlett, Georgia, Hannah and I straightened the beds, couches and mattresses into a comfortable shape outside(well, inside, as it was an indoor deck. I know! An  indoor deck!) on the deck. Then we went out into their jungle-like, gigantic garden, full of hills, trees, secret passageways and secret hideouts. Suddenly, the boys came out! We hid quickly in a hideout. In this one it had 2 gates of bent flowers and a soft, grassy, bush-surrounded area. We sat and hid. It was the mums! “Come, it’s time for shopping!” So we set off for the main road.

When we arrived the kids stayed at a park while the mums went shopping. We stayed and played Harry Potter until the mums came back, and then we went to a lolly shop! I got Everlasting Gobstoppers, Georgia got Chewy ones, Scarlett: a giant lolly necklace and Hannah got fairy floss. Next we went to a toy shop that had Muppet puppets! It also had witches on swings, dangling from the roof. When you clapped they would cackle like crazy and swing on their swings.

When we got home Jane made us pizza and lettuce chips. Lettuce chips! Thy were good. Scarlett, Georgia, Hannah and I played chirades until we started eating. We got our pyjamas on and started watching Despicable Me. It was fun. We put beanbags on couches and played until the mums told us to stop.

We didn’t get to sleep until late that night. I had the best fun, it was a shape we had to leave. We were going to go to a chocolate factory on the way out but it was closed so we went to the park next door. It was difficult considering there was a rainstorm the night before. After all that, we left my gobstoppers in the fridge at the holiday house!

Have you been on a break like me?


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