Mathsmate T3 S6 problem 24

Predict: I predict this problem will involve a accessing prior knowledge of these problem solving sums.

Read: In the addition problem shown, the letters A,B and C stand for different digits. What number does ABC represent?

        A B C

    +     A B

   +         A


Clarify:  I have no sentences words or phrases to clarify.

Big Question: What does ABC equal?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Use Prior knowledge.

Solve: In problems like this before I have used work backwards. So, we start from the column with CBA, which has to equal something with a zero at the end. So what 3 numbers equal 10? the A has to be 7 because the answer is 800 and a is in the first column, and when we carry we want it to equal 8. so, next we figure out what b I and b has to be able to add up with one and seven to make ten in the next column. So b equals . 2 plus 7 equals 9 so c is 1. To make sure we are correct we do the sum again. 721 + 72 + 7 equals 800!

Summary: I did use my Mathematicians toolbox strategy as well as my prediction in this problem.

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