The Red Rulers Race

Some time ago, in the 1940s, there lived Betty, Kathleen and Donna- the Red Rulers. They were called this because they were red red red- red clothes, red house, red trains they always took. They also- if you were alongside them, believers of environment and people saving – ruled the land they settled upon. They had just gotten off a boat from England 2 years ago, which was devastating for Princess Elizabeth, their friend.

Donna, Betty and Kathleen were adventurous girls of 18. They lived inEssondon, Melbourne and rode on red steam trains whenever they could, in the time of the Second World War.

Once all of the Red Rulers were of age, they set off to become detectives. And that they were. They had received several awards to Sir Stanley Seymour Argle, the Prime Minister and he had just died. Dead bodies-“Yes, war has moved through here!”-Blood spilt-“I’m on it, officer, we are!” This story is not of that nonsense. This is the story of how they saved their own lives, by the simple rule of caution.

It was not the Red Rulers who were the only ones interested in crime. There lived a man by the name of Frank. Mass murdered, death plotter- in others words, a raving lunatic. He was planning to create an agency to employ Kathleen, Betty and Donna-then to slip a potion into their morning juice-that is, if they accepted his offer to come on site, where they would stay over the course of the work days. The Red Rulers had not heard of this man before-something they hadn’t.

4 weeks later…

Betty Donna and Kathleen were soon running out of money. They could not afford the equipment they needed. The Red Rulers seeked employment.

Frank was over the moon that he had a chance to employ the red rulers.  How he found out that they were searching- even he has no idea. He must have his sources, but forgotten them.  He set about planning his idea, although he was stumped by the fact that he would have to give them money. They had to trust him-otherwise they wouldn’t come on site , where they would sleep and eat and drink. “Watch your backs Red Rascals!” He cackled.

In two weeks’ time, the red rulers were so desperate for cash, they settled on site at Frank’s Detectives-a bad name if you ask them. Within two days Frank was so eager, he began to brew his poison. It was an orangey, yellowy red, just, just noticeable in orange juice, a very popular juice in America in the 1940’s. The effect was instant confession, and after all of the interesting answers were given, a slow and painful death.

On the second of September 1940 Frank picked the Red Rulers up on a steam train along the Essendon North Melbourne railway. It had been 3 days since their jobs began and Franks hatred for them was so obvious the red  rulers were very cautious They checked their beds sniffed their drinks and just to be sure did not eat onsite but cooked and prepared their own food Frank slipped in the potion on the 5th of December. What a memorable day that was!

Frank did not know how careful the Red Rulers had been, and on the 6th it paid off. The juice had crust on the edge of the glass. Hydra chloric acid. An acid that kills. They fled Frank shot after them. Literally, with a gun, not his feet. The Red Rulers did the same. Their combined, aimed shots, not random shots, got his powerful potion, which was right above his head. How funny it was listening to him confessing who he secretly loved!

The End

2 thoughts on “The Red Rulers Race

  1. Hi your story was very interesting and it got even more interesting when I read more but some parts I did really get some of the parts like the last sentence of the story. I liked the way you wrote some of the parts in the story like this ”Literally, with a gun, not his feet” I think that was a good way to write that part.

  2. Hi Lilli
    I thought your story was well constructed and i liked that you put “4 weeks later” that engaged the reader to keep on reading. You could of explain a bit more on what the acid was and what it did. otherwise i thought you did a really good job because you old fashion names in the story:D

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