Term 3 Project Reflection

The term three project was based around Australian scientific explorers I worked with Molly and we researched the biodiversity scan of the twelve apostles. This term was more about the creativity of the overall presentation. Molly and I presented our information in a Prezi, interview and video (from ABC, we didn’t make it ourselves.)

Three facts I found interesting and surprising:

The marine life that was found was just incredible. There were sharks of all types, starfish, stingrays, amazing colours of coral, fishes, and much more. No one in the organization (including staff and students from Deakin University, Parks Victoria, and Museum Victoria.)
I found it surprising that the cooperation actually looked back on what they could do better and improved on it. They bought new cameras, new sonar mapping equipment and a considerable amount of additional supplies.
I thought it was fascinating that to measure the depth of the ocean in the area the society was in, they projected sonar sound waves and recorded the distance the waves travelled. It was a very creative way of tracing information in my opinion.
Two understandings I now have:

I now understand more thoroughly that plans must be altered in order to reach the goal in question, whether the goal is presenting information or sourcing information.
I now know that not everyone is as involved in academics as me. Some people don’t work at the same pace as me, understand as much as me or enjoy learning as much as me.

One wondering I still have is:

Will these people continue with their research? If so, alone or together? I think they should continue together because the achieved a goal together that was unlikely to be successful if done alone.

What were the most important things I learnt?

I learnt more about teamwork this term. I learnt just to go with the flow and only interfere when necessary. (Especially when you are working with stubborn people, which luckily I wasn’t)
How did I learn it?
I learnt it by experience. Literally. Sometimes molly and I disagreed with each other, sometimes we were both going with the flow at the same time and not much was done, but other times it was heads down tails up and we were on fire.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt?

I will try and use this knowledge in future projects to come. I will try and use this knowledge to avoid arguments with team members, to improve the speed rate of our work and use our time more wisely that arguing whether to do this or that.

What are my thoughts and feelings about my project, the work I did, what I learnt and how it was working with my team?
I think that overall we did a really good job, but it was especially hard for me because Molly was away for 2 weeks. We didn’t get time to practise the actual performance, and what’s more is that I had to change the entire Prezi 4 days before the presentation.

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