Term 3 Integrated Project: Other groups

Sean and Jack: Dr Fiona Wood

Dr Wood is a medical scientist and she  invented spray on skin. She saw the Indonesian bombing and saw lots of people being badly burnt.  She says this is like a second chance for people.The formula contains a type of gum to make it sticky; though it is still flexible! How smart is she?



India: Abigail Allwood

Abby Allwood is 40 years old. She was at college for 6-7 years and was born in Victoria.  She applied for a job to work on different planets. Abby graduated at  the Macquarie University of Sydney and a University in Queensland: a School of Tech. Always wanted to study fossils.  She studied physics but changed to geology because she found maths maths boring. In 2020 some people are  going to launch a robot onto mars. She  applied for a job National American Space Academy.


Erik and Jacob: Dr Martin

Martin received his degree from Washington University. He then moved to the Institute of cancer research. If a stem cell turns into a blood cell it cannot change back, unlike if it  transforms into any other cell.  Dr Martin has helped us have a better understanding of stem cells which can improve cell cancer. He published over 100 texts. Did you know that stem cells can be removed and reprogrammed as a part of the inner body.


Madeleine, Layla and Cindy: Dame Kate Campbell

She was born on the 22 April, 1899, in Hawthorn, Victoria. She had Scottish and New Zealand backgrounds. She died 12 July 1986. She was a physician and a penutrition; which means she worked with babies and children. She helped discover why babies were suddenly dying. The hotspot for it is here and Tasmania. Kate discovered the connection between the brain and eye sicknesses, and she was the first to discover Retirolental Fibroplasia.

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