How to make a perfect speech

Making a perfect speech takes a bit of practice, but once you understand you will never make a bad speech again. So follow these steps and prepare to amaze your audience!


  • Paper
  • Information on your topic
  • Stationary (Pens, pencils, ect)/computer
  • An audience
  • (Optional- if you are speaking to a larger audience you will need a microphone.


  1. Take your research and type it up/write it down onto palm sized cards. These  should not have your word for word speech on them.
  2. Read, re-read and re-re-read your cards and practice your speech many times. By the end of your rehearsals you should know your speech of by heart.
  3. When performing, you should always remember to:

a)      Project your voice

b)     Make eye contact with your audience and do not look at your cue cards too often.

c)      Stand still, straight and don’t fidget.

d)     Speak clearly- don’t stutter and don’t go too slow or fast.

4.  When you have finished speaking stand for a while in case people want to ask questions. Also if you rush off it will be as if you want it all to be over.

2 thoughts on “How to make a perfect speech

  1. Dear Lilli,
    I think the way you typed up “How to make a perfect speech” Was great I really liked it it! And very smart that you are doing “How to make a perfect speech” Because some people find it hard to not fiddle and look at their cue cards! How many posts do you do each week for when your in 5/6?

    • Thankyou Ruby! When you’re in 5/6 how many times you post things on your blog depends on who’s class you’re in. Lee’s class do much more than our class does and Jess’ class are sort of in the middle. But it’s not too much of a worry. How many posts do you do a week in 3/4?

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