105 word 100 WC #14

It was Christmas Day. I awoke with a start.”Mmhhhe”. What’s the time? The lights started flickering. On, off, on,off, on, off. I sat up in bed. I heard creaking from downstairs. The wooden floorboards always make that noise when they haven’t been walked on for a while. I heard the morning birds singing, even though it was 1:38 am. I heard noises. Wee-eee-ooh-ooo. Like the Sci-fi ring tone for Apple. Arr-ahh-ahhh! Oool-eee-doo! Daa-ree-bah!  And then the noises stopped.

“OW! What was that for!” I yelled sleepily at my brother. He had just jumped on me. “It’s Christmas!” He said. “Owen, look behind you.” I whispered.

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