Handwriting analysis interview

For this interview my original investigations partner, India, was away so for this piece I worked with Christian.

Christian:Underlined: Interviewer

Lilli: Normal: Interview

Hello every one! I hope you have all been well, and welcome to another episode of Integrated Interviews! Today I will be interviewing Lilli, a handwriting analyser. So please give a warm welcome to Lilli!

Thankyou Christian.

Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about what you have been doing in your Forensic career?

No, I don’t mind at all. Just don’t bombard me with questions.

Ok, let’s get started.

How do you compare handwriting?

I use the 12 characteristics of handwriting. They are line quality, word and letter spacing, letter height width and size, pen lifts and separation, connecting strokes, beginning  and ending strokes, unusual letter formation, pen pressure or shading, letter, word and punctuation slant, baseline habits, flourishes and embellishments and diacritic placement such as placement of i dots and t crosses.

What is the most recognizable characteristics?

Probably the height, width and size of the letters and the baseline habits- which is where the word is positioned- on the line, above the line or below the line.

What is the most common mistake made when forging handwriting?

The pen pressure- which is how hard the pen is pressed on the surface- and the diacritic placement- which is the placement of i dots and t crosses.

Why are handwriting samples helpful?

They can help identify  a criminal, because handwriting is unique to every person.

Where can handwriting samples be found?

The most common samples come from victims, such as writing on a calendar or notes lying around a house. Criminals very rarely give samples.

What do you compare samples too?

To other criminal samples or forgery.

Are handwriting samples vital evidence?

No, because other forms of identification can be used.

Are criminal handwriting samples found often?

No, because they would have to be really really really silly to even write a threat.

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