School Camp- Moment in time- Maybe next time.

It was the 28th of November, 2013, 12:15. We were all coughing and spluttering as it was cold windy and rainy. Nobody could see any sign of a fish. Nobody could feel a tug on their rod. I was very, very bored and could not help doubting myself. I was minding my own business, staring plainly in the dar, deep ocean, when I heard a scream beside me from Eve. My hands and the bottoms of my legs were numb. I did not bring any gloves to camp and that day of all days I just had to wear ¾ length leggings. I could barely move and by the time I got up Molly was already there. “AHH! I’VE GOT SOMETHING! I’VE GOT SOMETHING!” She yelled. “OK, OK, reel it in then! Quickly! Quickly! It’s gonna get caught on the rocks! Faster! Faster!” Molly squealed. Eve jumped up off the floor. We were all sitting down, as only 4 of us 30-35 children actually caught something in the end. We were all exceptionally bored. “Pull it up!” I exclaimed excitedly. We all watched as the fish thrashed and wiggled as Eve  kept reeling. The smell of seafood suddenly cluttered my nose. I almost fell ito the water, I was coughing so hard. “Ahh! Ahh! Eww! Gross!” Eve squealed. She had pulled it into eye level and the fish had touched her face. “ Yuck! Gross! A fish just touched my face!” Molly tried to grab the fish. “ Eww! It’s all slimy!” She squealed. Eve wriggled the rod when she stood up and the fish managed to jerk it’s head off the hook. Molly and Eve were still wiping themselves. “You’re kidding me!” I whispered. “What?!” said Eve.

“It’s gone, Eve! Open your eyes!”

“Oh! Oww. I thought I got it!”

“Well, it’s gone now, isn’t it. Nevermind! I need some more bait.”

And so the fis was dropped into the depths of the river and never found again. A disappointment, I know, but the moral of the story- don’t give up. Eve did keep going but didn’t catch a fish. Maybe next time.

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