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Apple Technology


3 Recalls:

There are probes in the ground. The probes take samples of the dirt in the orchard, and if the dirt is too dry or moist then the sample gets sent to the lab. They then test the sample to see which elements they need to put in the ground.

In the olden days everything was done by hand. The apples were picked by hand, there was no way of testing the dirt, sorting the apples or storing them without the new technology we have today.

If apples aren’t sent straight to market, they’re stored in controlled atmosphere rooms. It has less than 3% oxygen and the temperature is just above freezing. These rooms are the reason we have apples all year round, and not just in harvest season.

2 Insights:

Picking apples is a lot more complicated than I thought. Lots of time and money goes into the making, buying and installation of machinery all for the crunch of an apple.

When we were not so advanced in technology all the apples had to be picked by hand. It was very hard to keep all the apple trees in the orchard healthy, because if the trees weren’t healthy the apples wouldn’t be the best they could be, would they?

1 Question:

After watching this great video, which was packed with information, I am still left with one wondering; Why are the apples still picked by hand? They used millions of dollars on all the new technology, why don’t they make an apple picking machine?

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