Maths mate Term 1 Sheet 3

Question 22: It takes Sarah twelve minutes to saw a pole into three pieces, how long would it take to saw a pole into five pieces?

Predict: I predict that I will need to use division in this problem.

Clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify.

Find the big picture: How long will it take to saw a pole into five pieces?


1. first we need to find out how long it takes to saw a pole. To do this we need to divide 12 by 3 because it took 12 minutes to saw a pole into three pieces. 12 divided by 3 equals 4.

2. Now we know that it takes 4 minutes to saw one piece. But because we need to saw a pole into 5 pieces, we need to add on 4 minutes to make 4 pieces, which equals 16 minutes, and then another 4 minutes to make 5 pieces. Which equals 20 minutes.

Summarize: The strategy I used for this problem was break the problem into manageable parts.

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