Spelling Term 1 Week 6

Week 6 act Allocate Abdication
28.2.2014 award Appeals Adjournment
border Approved Advocate
chamber Assembled Allegiance
civic Believe Allowances
conduct Broadcasting Amendments
contract Cabinet Anarchy
convicted Capital Arbitration
crime Colonies Architect
debate Commons arguments




Please complete the following sentences with “them’ or “those”.


  1. Those  (Them, Those) parliamentarians are arguing again – stop them( them, those).
  2. Pass  me those (Them, those) volumes of Hansard, please.
  3. Do you agree with those (Them, those) new laws to be presented for Parliamentary debate?
  4. The police picked those ( them, those) burglars in the neighbor’s backyard.



Activity Two

Silent Letters:

Decide which words below have silent letters. Write these words and letters into the boxes.


Debt                foreign            campaign       monarch         sea      cooperate marriage   Adjourn          bridge             roads              rights   shadow


Silent Letters


Silent Letters

Foreign G Debt B
Monarch H Campaign G
Sea A Marriage A, E
Roads A Rights G, H


Activity three:

Look in your thesaurus to find two synonyms and two antonyms for each word below:



  Two Synonyms Two Antonyms
Govern Control Obey
  Direct Serve
Pollution Foulness Purification
  Infection Cleanliness
Member Representative  Enemy
  Component  Opponent


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