Maths mate: Term 3, Sheet 6.

Problem 22: Fill in the missing digits in the sum.







Predict: I predict that I will need to do addition in this sum

Clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify.

Find the big question: What are the missing digits?


  1. Well, 6+1 cant equal 6, so it has to equal 16.
  2. 6+1=7. 7+?=16? 9.
  3. So we write down 9 and carry the one.
  4. Now, 1+ the carried 1= 2. So, 2+5= 7, but 7+?=9? 2.

The answer is

16+29+51= 96.

Summary: The mathematicians toolbox strategy I used in this sum was break the problem into manageable parts, and use my prior knowledge.

(Jess/Monique: I could not post this in Wednesday night as my wi-fi was not working. 

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