Maths Mate: term 4, week 3.

problem 24: a bookshop sold 200 books over the Internet in it’s first year of business. since then sales have doubled every year. what was the bookshops profit in the sixth year given the yearly profit formula below?

yearly profit= books sold x $2 – $1000

predict: I predict that I will have to use multiplication in the sum.

clarify: I have no words, sentences, or phrases to clarify.

find the big question: what was the profit?


first it said that the sales have doubled every year, and it has been running for 6 years. so, to make sure I did it correctly I went down in a list.

1- 200

2- 400

3- 800




next we times it by $2. which is: $12,800

now we have to take away $1000, which is $11,800!

the answer is $11,800

summary: the mathematicians toolbox strategy are used in this sum was break the problem into manageable parts.

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