Maths Mate~ Term 4, Sheet 5.

problem 22: which deal costs less per gram?

A) $5 for 500 g

B) $3 for 250 g.

predict: I predict that I will have to use multiplication in this sum.

clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify.

find the big question: which costs less?

solve: this problem is fairly simple to solve.

first of all, I know that if you double 250 it equals 500.

but if you double $3  it doesn’t equal $5, it equals $6.

so, I’m thinking that A is the better deal, but to double check-

$5 for $500 g means $10 per 100 g.

but if it was $10 per grab for B, there would have to be 300 g, which is more that 250.


summary: the mathematicians toolbox strategy I used in this sum was use my prior knowledge.

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