Cabaret 2014- Poem and Recount.


the podium was staring at me,

the script in the big book

that only I could see.

The words began pouring out of my mouth,

trying to be the great narrator

everyone thought I could be.

I don’t know if I was,

if I read the words right,

but only I could see the script

in the concert of the night.


I rushed to my position,

backstage to the wings,

and everyone around me

could feel the tension.

We started singing,

the music ringing

in my ears,

and then I knew that this was it,

Cabaret 2014.



On Tuesday 28th of October 2014, Moonee Ponds Primary School walked to the Clocktower Centre for the 5/6’s last cabaret at this school, Almost Alice.

We had two shows, the Matinee and the Evening performance. I arrived at 5:40 for a 7 o’clock start. We got our hair and makeup done by Jess, Esther’s sister Anya and Anya’s friend. When I had finished I went downstairs to wait in the wings because I was the narrator.

Finally it started!The theatre was packed, not one seat empty. I walked out to the podium and began my story before 5/6 B’s performance- Alice in the Sky with Diamonds.

This repeated for the entire show- me, item, me, item, me, item- with Alice, the Cheshire Cat, Alice’s sister, the Mouse and the Rabbit talking occasionally. My favourite items were the preps, 5/6 C- ugly heart, and, of course, ours! No, I’m only joking. But we did a mash-up of ‘I’m Ready’ by AJR, ‘Heart and Soul’ by Built by Titan, and ‘Magic’ by B.o.B- which was really fun to dance to!

The ‘surprise item’ by the  was ‘Live Louder’ by Nathaniel. It was very exciting to watch!

But unfortunately it had to end. I went out on the stage and said my last line before our finale, ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams!

Well, that was it, my last ever cabaret at MPPS, and I’m sure I won’t forget it anytime soon.

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