100 Word Challenge: Week #1

finally we can make a start!

Ugh. We’ve been waiting for this food forever. When will it finally come? This is a nightmare!

Yay! The food came. Finally we can make a start! I bit into the chip, the soft, filling chip, and, and…. ewwww! That is disgusting! It tasted like seafood mixed with yuck! we waited all this time for this. That is just unbelievable. Well, let’s hope the main is better.

My pasta came! It certainly looked better that the chips. I took a big spoonful… and I’m disappointed once again. Is it really that hard to make chips and pasta? Just plain pasta with Napoli sauce. Is it that difficult?


100 WC Week #40

When I sprinted up to the ice cream stand and I ordered a banana-swirl ice pop. But ‘I’m afraid it’s the last one’, he said. “OK, I’ll get… a… um… strawberry please.”

Ahhh… that all seems like such a long time ago now. Even though it was only 29 hours ago. But now I live in a hut of leaves, you can’t expect me not to remember. I wish I appreciated everything more. Now I have nothing, except for this pen. I’m writing on a piece of bark, for goodness sake.

“Gosh, nobody has anything anymore!”

100 WC #32

As I wandered through the streets of the city the people chatted to me like I was an old friend. They were kind, but they were creepy and scary. They were old and shrivelled in the markets but young and silly at the  sea-side. They spoke to me, a lot. Some of the words sounded like a foreign language. But they were, anyway. When I turned a corner I walked back into my hotel, and upstairs into my bedroom.

I heard a knock. It was 1:42 am! Seriously, at this time of night? I opened the door. “Siiahhhhhshiiiiiiickkeeeeeeshhhhhhckiiiiii…..”


100 WC Week #38

“Aaarrrggghh…” I groaned. This could have been the perfect day. A picnic and a tent set up, right in our backyard, the perfect food and drink for everyone. But it was far too hot for everybody. Most of our friends had already left by now. It was a scorching 47 degree day and I could barely lift my body off the ground. Nobody could. But as the afternoon slowly progresseed on it got coocler and cooler had people actually started moving and talking.  We had Sport tommorow at school and I really didn’t evern want to go out for lunch letalone cross country practice. Uggghhh.

100 WC Week #37

I sat down on the couch, drink and pop corn in hand. Well, I thought. This is nice.

But that’s not whats happening in Brazil. They are all filing into the big stadium ready to play. The soccer nets are up. The scoreboards are on. The crowd is wild. The coach is psyched.  But that’s what’s happening in Brazil when the whistle blows.

The crowd erupts! The coaches go off! The commentators roar! I scream at the TV! ‘GO! KICK IT IN!” I’m not the only one. I can literally hear the words through my home cinema speakers. Well, it’s not really a home cinema. Just a TV room.

So that’s what’s happening in Brazil.

100 WC Week #36

Today is easter! I love easter! I love chocolate more than anything. Anyway, I grabbed my basket and my brother and I set of for the hunt. Yes! I found the first egg! I immediately unwrap my egg. MMMMM! Peppermint! “Ugghh!” I moaned. My egg! It fell! As I leant down to retrieve it, I noticed some tiny orange ants crawling onto it. Those aren’t ants. They are little people! What!? As I looked closer, they were wearing little vests, and they had set up cones all around the egg. The started to investigate, as I felt my legs and arms lift off the ground…


100 WC Week #35

I’m running. I’m running as fast as I can. The gateway is approaching rapidly. “I’m coming, my friend….” Says the voice. The air turns cold. The cemetery turns black. The gates are closing. Closing…closing…closing…..

I’m panting. I’m panting as hard as I can. The gates have closed. The voice is close. My life is far, far, far, long, long, long gone….

I’m crying. I’m crying as hard as I can. My mind is closed. The voice is mine. The voice is is in me. In my body. His mind is mine. My body is possesed…

Goodbye. Goodbye, my life…


100 WC Week #34

I looked around. My head is in the clouds…

But where could I go?

The jungle surrounds me, ideas ignore me…

But where could I go?

The animals are coming. The animals are roaring…

But where could I go?

My family is gone. My home is no more…

But where could I go?

My head is foggy. “Nice doggy…!”

But where could I go?

The light is fading. The creatures are waiting…

But where could I go?

No, no, no…. I can run. I can hide. I can survive…

But where could I go?

And my life passes…

100 WC Week #31

As the police drove through the crowd, they heard there walkie talkies buzzing, “Sargent Edward, Edward, can you hear me?” Edward replied “Yes, sir. What I this crowd here for?”

“Somebody has killed The Royal Queen Bee. You and Officer Frank must go investigate. Do you have your shrinking suits with you?”

“Yes, sir. Over, and out.”

Frank and Edward then pulled on their shrinking suits to go examine Queen Bee. The white suits were fitted with shrinking Tasers. The now miniature Frank and Edward hurried towards Belinda Bee, and saw  that she had been stabbed through the heart. “Who could do this!!!????”

100 WC Week #33

Today I’m going to be telling you why Lucy should be able to go to school.

Lucy has every right to learn. How is she going to get a decent job if she doesn’t even know how to add 1+1? Just because of a silly disability, she has lost this chance and the hopes of a bright future. How would you feel if that happened to you?

Lucy is already 11. She should be in grade 5 or 6 by now! You were in school by that time, weren’t you? How would you feel if you were in Lucy’s shoes?

That concludes my arguments. I hope you have considered the severity of Lucy’s situation.