100 WC Week #30

As I hopped into bed I heard a creaking noise to my left. Oh, it’s probably just the floorboards downstairs. I hear it again about ten minutes later. But, everyone’s in bed, too. Maybe it’s a bug in my cupboard…eh. I slowly lay down and close my eyes. I hear it again. If this is just someone annoying me… I wake up to the creaking again. I’m sick of this. I sit up in bed, and rub my eyes tiredly. I slowly stand up to see if it’s a creaky door or something. I walk up to the cupboard, and when I open the cupboard door…… Shhhooooooeeeeeeshhhhhhh! “AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHhhhhhhhhh……..”

100 WC Week #28

Today we find out our buddies. Eeeeeeeeeeek! I’ve been waiting for this day forever, and ever, and ever. I wonder if it will be her, or her, or her, maybe her, what about him? Ahhhhhhhh. This is proving to much for me. As I walk to school I accidentally take a wrong turn. My head is in the clouds today. I’m to busy daydreaming about who will be my buddy. As I take another wrong turn down an alleyway I run straight into a stranger. ” Oh sorry…..” I stammer.

” No need to apologise. You wont get to school on time.”

” But I thought I had enough time…..”

I never did.

100 WC Week #27

Why would you like to be a night zookeeper?

I would like to be a night zookepeer because I think it would be lots of fun caring and working with all the magical creatures. I would like to also learn more about these magical creatures, because they seem very fantastical to me. Are they even real? What do they do? What is their lifestyle like? These are all very intriguing questions and I would very much like to get them answered. I’m sure lots of other people want to get these questions answered as well, but I want to get them answered for myself.

100 WC Week #23

It was early morning when I woke up. I lazily climbed out our bed and slid down the stairs for breakfast. I was eating out side on the dusty, wooden table when my neighbour popped her head over the fence. ” Can you see it? Can you see it?” She exclaimed. ” What!” I replied tiredly.

” The hot air balloon!”

” What hot air balloon!?”

” That hot air balloon! Look up! Can’t you see?!” She pointed at the big, red, floating air balloon, right above my house. How could I have missed that? It was about 20 metres off the ground. We took some photos and then showed my little brother. He thought it was a real balloon with a basket attatched.


100 WC Week #25

I eagerly sprinted down the stairs. Ouch! Missed a couple. Any way there was presents to open. The only reason I had to go to Mum and Dads room is because the presents were in there. I wish they would put the presents in my room upstairs. ” WAKE UP! Present time!” I shouted at them. They didn’t even bother protesting, they just rolled over, got the presents on the floor and layed there quietly. I took the gifts out to the couch.Owen said, ” Read the card first.” It said that this was exactly what I wanted. Mum came in. But when she lifted the lid, it was empty.

100 WC Week #24

This is the worst day of my life. My stepmother have left me a lot of work to do in the house while they go to the ball. I work quickly now, because I do not want to spend my Saturday night cleaning her beloved house. As I pass the TV I have an idea. I should invite some friends over to watch The Hunger Games. I call all of my besties and start making popcorn, setting up bowls with chips and serving drinks. They start arriving one by one. This is better than the ball for everyone!

100 WC Week #23

Hi. Now may not be a good time to talk. I am right in the middle of the World War 1 and a Turkish soldier has kinda invaded our trench. Now he’s hunting me down. I know I’m female and all, but I’m stronger and faster that the rest of my team, as I have survived. I run. And run.  I’m nearly at the end of the line. Great. Now he’s got me cornered, my gun on the ground and weak. LIGHTBULB! I’m frantically pushing through the earth, it’s soft and sandy and easy to get through. I see darkness ahead. Now I’m in blackness forever.

100 WC Week #22

Tonight is worse than any other. It is the twenty-seventh night that I’ve been out in the wilderness, all alone. But tonight it is cold and and movement sends and icy sensation through my joints. I wish I could find some one to help me………..

This morning it is just as bad. No change in weather. I wish I could find some wood or something to make shelter. So I walk through the plain dark fields upon field and try to find anything. Food. Water. Shelter. Please! Wait, what is that? Is that MUSIC? I run and run towards it. A house.


100 WC #15- last one of 2013!

I spread out all of my paints, pencils, pastels and more art supplies. Why? Don’t ask. I felt like it, ok? Sorry. I’m a bit annoyed because I cant figure out what to paint. I have absolutely no idea. A sunset? Sunrise? Flowers? A building? Well, it is Christmas time, but I cannot paint animals or people. What about a decorated tree? Or some cupcakes decorated for Christmas? Wait a moment.

How amazing is that! Cupcakes decorated with Christmas trees decorated with cupcakes decorated with Christmas trees decorated with cupcakes decorated with christmas trees … Well, you get the picture. I hope so.

100 WC #10

When I lived in Karratha, a small town in WA, we lived very close to some salt plains. We only lived about 10 minutes from the Karratha Airport and we passed by the plains often. In the plains there were little sculptures of shark fins with a hand in the middle, a Santa at Christmas, a dragon and a salt shaker. This image of these boots remind me of the sculptures because someone could have easily taken some wood, jeans, and boots, stuck together and stuck the wood into the bottom of the lake. I think this because I cannot see the body of the person in the picture.

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