Cabaret 2014- Poem and Recount.


the podium was staring at me,

the script in the big book

that only I could see.

The words began pouring out of my mouth,

trying to be the great narrator

everyone thought I could be.

I don’t know if I was,

if I read the words right,

but only I could see the script

in the concert of the night.


I rushed to my position,

backstage to the wings,

and everyone around me

could feel the tension.

We started singing,

the music ringing

in my ears,

and then I knew that this was it,

Cabaret 2014.



On Tuesday 28th of October 2014, Moonee Ponds Primary School walked to the Clocktower Centre for the 5/6’s last cabaret at this school, Almost Alice.

We had two shows, the Matinee and the Evening performance. I arrived at 5:40 for a 7 o’clock start. We got our hair and makeup done by Jess, Esther’s sister Anya and Anya’s friend. When I had finished I went downstairs to wait in the wings because I was the narrator.

Finally it started!The theatre was packed, not one seat empty. I walked out to the podium and began my story before 5/6 B’s performance- Alice in the Sky with Diamonds.

This repeated for the entire show- me, item, me, item, me, item- with Alice, the Cheshire Cat, Alice’s sister, the Mouse and the Rabbit talking occasionally. My favourite items were the preps, 5/6 C- ugly heart, and, of course, ours! No, I’m only joking. But we did a mash-up of ‘I’m Ready’ by AJR, ‘Heart and Soul’ by Built by Titan, and ‘Magic’ by B.o.B- which was really fun to dance to!

The ‘surprise item’ by the  was ‘Live Louder’ by Nathaniel. It was very exciting to watch!

But unfortunately it had to end. I went out on the stage and said my last line before our finale, ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams!

Well, that was it, my last ever cabaret at MPPS, and I’m sure I won’t forget it anytime soon.

GTAC Reflection

On Tuesday, Chris and Maria from GTAC (Gene Technology Access Centre) came to our school to talk to us about states of matter. Chris talked to us about a lot of new and interesting things, we did a few experiments and even a couple of role plays. Our learning goal for the lesson was: to explore and explain why solids and liquids behave differently.

First we talked about the particles that make up solids, liquids, gases and plasma, also known as the states of matter.  We said that atoms make up particles, particles make up matter/ substances, and matter/ substances make up everything.

Our first challenge was to manipulate the particles in play dough in order to make it fit in the transfer cup. We had to take it across the room, and deliver it to the other beaker. The transfer cup had a hole in the bottom, we were only allowed to use tongs, and every tiny bit of play dough had to be in it. Our table group broke a bit of the play dough and put in in the bottom, so that all the tiny bits wouldn’t fall out. In our first try, we left about three tiny bits of play dough, about as big as a staple, in the plastic beaker, so we went back and tipped them back in.

We then had to carry a rubber band in a foam cup to our other plastic beaker. We were allowed to use our hands but we couldn’t put the band in the actual cup. Our group put the band around the top of the cup.

Lastly we had to put a foam cup in a plastic cup, but the plastic cup was smaller than the foam cup. We were only allowed to use tongs. Plus, the plastic cup had a hole in the bottom. On our first try, we put the foam cup on top of the plastic cup. But then Chris said that some of particles had to be in the cup, so we went back, flipped the cups around, broke off a bit off the foam cup and then put that through the hole in the plastic cup. But THEN Chris said most of the particles had to be in it.  So we broke the cup, put a big piece on the bottom and put the rest on top.

Next we looked at the particles in solids. Chris told us that the particles in solids are very tightly packed, and they have to be otherwise they would not maintain their shape on their own. He asked us to act out how the particles in a solid look. We all crouched down on the floor into little balls, very close together. Chris told us that even though we were very close together there were still some gaps. And that was right, because the illustrated version of particles/ molecules are spheres, and if  spheres were tightly packed together there would obviously be some spaces.

Chris then told us to link arms. He said that the particles in solids are all linked, and that is why it is sometimes hard to cut through solids, depending on how strong the bonds are. Maria then acted like she was driving her thumb into us, like the tongs in the play dough. When she poked the play dough, (us) we all moved around her thumb like real play dough does.

Next we had to act like liquid particles, but standing up this time. So we all moved around, like liquids do. This is why liquids flow and take the shape of their container. Chris then asked us to shake hands for 1 second as we moved around. Liquid particles aren’t linked, only for a short while. This allows the liquid to move and be runny. Chris then told us to imagine we were in aplastic cup. He then tipped the cup sideways, so we all moved and tipped to the side. This is because of gravity. It effects liquid too.

We also talked about viscosity. Viscosity measures how thick or thin the liquid is. For example, water has low viscosity, and toothpaste has high viscosity. We looked at how fast water flows, and how slow golden syrup flows. .

We then acted like we were golden syrup. Golden syrup flows really slowly, because it has a high viscosity. So we all moved really slowly. Actually, golden syrup particles move at the same speed as water particles do, but they just bond for longer. SO we all shook hands for 3 seconds.

Today for our Accessing Prior Knowledge step of out Interactive Notebooks, we had to write down some questions that we had on the solid and liquid state. My questions were:  What make solids and liquids feel different?  What differences are there in the particles between bigger solids and smaller solids? I did not get them answered today.

I had fun with Chris and Maria today. I am looking forward for them to come visit us again and for us to go visit them!

Memorable Montrose

I’m Lilli and I attend Moonee Ponds Primary school. We’ve just got back from holidays so I’m going to tell you about my trip to Montrose on the 10th of April.(We have NOT just got back from the holidays: I wrote this in April.)

I went with my neighbours Scarlett; 11, Georgia; 9, Nicholas; 6, and their Mum Jane. I woke up thoroughly psyched. I jumped up, got dressed, and packed as quickly as I could (which was difficult considering I’d only been awake for 10 seconds), breakfasted and ran outside because Jane just came. She asked mum if I could travel with Scarlett and Georgia in their car. I was so relived I wouldn’t have to drive with my insanely annoying brother, Owen. But saying so, Nick was worse. MUM SAID NO! I yelled “Mum, you’re a sheep.” I say very random things sometimes.  She said jokes though, so I grabbed my bag and ran next door to their car to find Scarlett and Georgia were just as excited as I was. They were already in the car. Jane hopped in and we set off. On the way we picked up Hannah, their younger cousin of 8. It seemed like such a short hour filled with making videos with my app Video Star, which allows effects while filming. Before we knew it we were at Montrose shopping centre, and Mum and Jane had gone to a video store and bakery.

When we set off again we were twisted and dizzy in five minutes. There are a lot of windy streets in Mt Dandenong.  We got through them and went up the steep (but not so steep compared to Karratha’s hills) hill that was their driveway. We were parked in front of their holiday house. It was old, white and worn. All the same, we jumped out and got ready for our great adventure!

Inside there was a deck, kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. Scarlett, Georgia, Hannah and I straightened the beds, couches and mattresses into a comfortable shape outside(well, inside, as it was an indoor deck. I know! An  indoor deck!) on the deck. Then we went out into their jungle-like, gigantic garden, full of hills, trees, secret passageways and secret hideouts. Suddenly, the boys came out! We hid quickly in a hideout. In this one it had 2 gates of bent flowers and a soft, grassy, bush-surrounded area. We sat and hid. It was the mums! “Come, it’s time for shopping!” So we set off for the main road.

When we arrived the kids stayed at a park while the mums went shopping. We stayed and played Harry Potter until the mums came back, and then we went to a lolly shop! I got Everlasting Gobstoppers, Georgia got Chewy ones, Scarlett: a giant lolly necklace and Hannah got fairy floss. Next we went to a toy shop that had Muppet puppets! It also had witches on swings, dangling from the roof. When you clapped they would cackle like crazy and swing on their swings.

When we got home Jane made us pizza and lettuce chips. Lettuce chips! Thy were good. Scarlett, Georgia, Hannah and I played chirades until we started eating. We got our pyjamas on and started watching Despicable Me. It was fun. We put beanbags on couches and played until the mums told us to stop.

We didn’t get to sleep until late that night. I had the best fun, it was a shape we had to leave. We were going to go to a chocolate factory on the way out but it was closed so we went to the park next door. It was difficult considering there was a rainstorm the night before. After all that, we left my gobstoppers in the fridge at the holiday house!

Have you been on a break like me?


Swimming Carnival

( I’ve written this recount in the form of a diary entry.)

I’m so excited. I’m walking to my first ever swimming carnival. Yay! Sorry, gotta cross the road. Oh, eek! i can see the queens park swimming pool!

Am spreading out my towel and food with Lilli B behind the Lawson tent. Eden ha just called my name, which means i have to go line up at the other end of the pool, for my first event. I’m in the Yr 5 girls 50m freestyle.

Phew! that’s hard work! Came 5th of 8 girls.Started strong and ended weak. hopefully i do better in the next one.

Oh, woo ow, gosh…. I’ve been in 6 races in a row! Am supposed to be in the one now but I feel like I’m gonna faint.

OK, so came 5th in backstroke, “by a hair”.Then I attempted 2 backstrokes in a row, one against yr 5 girls and one I had to fill in for Jessie X, so I competed against Lilly T and Amelia. Came 5th in the yr 5 and 3rd in the yr 6.

Next i went in  the 5/6 girl boy relay. It’s when a girl swims 50 m, tags the boy, he swims back and tags the girl, she swims, and on and on. There is 36 people in total, 4 boys and 4 girls per house.

Then, after we came third in that, I was put down for the next relay. I asked Mali to fill in for me in that one, because I haven’t eaten since breakfast.

I’ve  still got the cork scramble to go, but I’m looking forward to that. Oh, cork scramble to the marshaling line!

Woo woo! we won the cork scramble! 104 points/ corks! Josh, (house captain) and I started a conveyor belt, where everybody passed corks down the line until they got to me. and we didn’t even get 1st place ribbons.

We rehearsed our chant for 15 minutes before we left, and we  didn’t even get to perform it.

Walked back to school, where Karisse announced that Lawson came third! Chisholm won, groan.

So pretty fun day, but its a shame we didn’t win.

Letter from athlete to home- I have written to my cousin Kate.

Hi Kate,

You won’t believe who I’m sharing a room with. (drumroll please…) SALLY PEARSON AND ASHLEIGH BRENNAN!!!(Ha Ha!(:)We’ve become really good friends. They both are as nervous as I am. After our events we plan to go see Big Ben and have a ride on the London Eye. So far London is AMAZING though.

Today we were in the food court and somebody else came and sat next to Ashleigh..EMILY LITTLE! Then we all had a big chat. I found out that Gymnastics is REALLY REALLY HARD! So is hurdles.

Hope I come home soon. From Lilli:):):):):):):)