105 100 Word Challenge?Um…

The light is so bright I can hardly pass. I am playing a netball game against St Monicas and they’re  beating us 1-12. We’re going to lose again, like we do every week. We have only won one game so far, that’s because Essendon forfeited. But most of us have never played before and these girls all play for teams. YEAH! Go Juzzy! He just scored! Right now he is playing GA, my favourite position, but I’m stuck in WA. I wanted to play GD today, because my neighbour Scarlett has come down to B Team (in GA) just so she could play us. Thanks a lot, Scarlett.


100 WC #week33

“Hey! Give that back!” shouted Molly, as the swooping birds took her lunch. They were swooping as if they have never swooped before. We were ducking, bending, crouching, squatting and stooping up in the playground. Pretty soon everybody was under cover, as if it had started hailing, and over all the windy noises we heard the loudspeaker: “All students please get under cover and out of the bird-storm, all students out of the storm please!”  Mary at the office added, as some boys, thinking they were so cool in my opinion, ran outside. Idiotic boys. “Watch that poop!” I yelled.

Asia Project Reflection

  • Make a list of the most important things you learnt.

Some of the most important things that I learnt during this project were my research and presentation skills. These include gathering selecting and correcting information, speaking loud and clear and making eye contact. I also found real use of my cue cards, which enabled me to go deeper into my study and not consuming time worrying about stuttering on words.

  • What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?

I have now learnt how to select important information and put it into my own words. For example: before this project I would have said: South Korea has a very wide amount of native animals, including bears, etc. Now I can select key words: wide amount, native animals. As a result  have produced: In South Korea, you are very likely to stumble across a native animal, such as a bear, etc., because there is a very large amount of them.

  • What or who helped you?

For this project, I discovered an interesting program called Microsoft student with Encarta premium. It gave me 80-90% of my information. I also used prior knowledge, because my two aunties were adopted from South Korea. They only gave me a little information though, and so did my dad, as he went to pick them up. I also used Wikipedia.

3 Facts

  1. Robots do housework!
  2. South Koreans have MMB (multi-media broadcasting) which gives you T.V. on your phone or in the car!
  3. There is a building in South Korea that has 1,000 doors covering its exterior walls!

2 Understandings

1.South Korean’s have a lot of money, as they are a lot more advanced in technology and tourist attractions.

2. Most South Korean native animals are close to extinction, as they are mostly all endangered.

1 Wondering

I wonder if south Koreans are quite smug compared to Australians?

100 WC week #32

Slowly the morning sun glow appeared.

…as the sun came up…

And my morning mood slowly jeered,

…as the sun came up…

From the usual to a different.

…as the sun came up…

I was suddenly more efficient.

…as the sun came up…

I had my homework done,

…as the sun came up…

As a greeting to the morning sun,

…as the sun came up…

Then came a slight change.

…as the sun came up…

I felt a little strange.

…as the sun came up…

I am a witch.

…as the sun came up …

I felt a sudden flitch.

100 WC #week31

(n) a biodome is a climate, water, air and environment controlled dome. You could find one say, in the desert, and have a tropical rainforest growing inside. You could find one in Alaska, and have a desert inside, complete with the lot; camels, pam trees(actually I’m not so sure about the camels, but anyway.) . The first biodome was called the Montreal Biodome, and the building was firstly  built  for the 1976 Olymic games by the name of a velodrome. It hosted both track cycling and judo events. In  1989 renovations started and in 1992 the indoor nature exhibit was opened. Here’s a biodome:

Bio therms Week#31


100 Word Challenge #week30

My favourite books are the Harry Potter books by J.K Rowling. They are my favourite books because they are action-packed and full of thrills. They are also very addicting; I am not sure how, they just are. Unexpected twists are always coming up, but they are still unexpected; again I am not sure how, they just are. I suggest you read these books if you are aged 8 to infinite. These books are also not the right books to choose if you are looking forward to reading another book after these. Everything seems boring compared to the Harry Potter books.

100 Word Challenge Week #29

I’ve just been stabben in the arm with a pin.

…pain… pain… pain…

I’m in a situation I’ve never been in.

…pain… pain… pain…

Never, ever, before,

…pain… pain… pain…

I’ll always remember it therefore.

…pain… pain… pain…

Everything is blurred,

…pain… pain… pain…

as my friends cat sadly purred.

…pain … pain… pain…

As I felt that I would have to pay,

…pain … pain… pain…

that I would have to face all this today,

…pain … pain… pain…

I felt something splash down my  throught.

…what?… what? …what?

as though I’d swallowed a single oat,

…what?… what? …what?

I wouldn’t’ve known.









Swimming Carnival

( I’ve written this recount in the form of a diary entry.)

I’m so excited. I’m walking to my first ever swimming carnival. Yay! Sorry, gotta cross the road. Oh, eek! i can see the queens park swimming pool!

Am spreading out my towel and food with Lilli B behind the Lawson tent. Eden ha just called my name, which means i have to go line up at the other end of the pool, for my first event. I’m in the Yr 5 girls 50m freestyle.

Phew! that’s hard work! Came 5th of 8 girls.Started strong and ended weak. hopefully i do better in the next one.

Oh, woo ow, gosh…. I’ve been in 6 races in a row! Am supposed to be in the one now but I feel like I’m gonna faint.

OK, so came 5th in backstroke, “by a hair”.Then I attempted 2 backstrokes in a row, one against yr 5 girls and one I had to fill in for Jessie X, so I competed against Lilly T and Amelia. Came 5th in the yr 5 and 3rd in the yr 6.

Next i went in  the 5/6 girl boy relay. It’s when a girl swims 50 m, tags the boy, he swims back and tags the girl, she swims, and on and on. There is 36 people in total, 4 boys and 4 girls per house.

Then, after we came third in that, I was put down for the next relay. I asked Mali to fill in for me in that one, because I haven’t eaten since breakfast.

I’ve  still got the cork scramble to go, but I’m looking forward to that. Oh, cork scramble to the marshaling line!

Woo woo! we won the cork scramble! 104 points/ corks! Josh, (house captain) and I started a conveyor belt, where everybody passed corks down the line until they got to me. and we didn’t even get 1st place ribbons.

We rehearsed our chant for 15 minutes before we left, and we  didn’t even get to perform it.

Walked back to school, where Karisse announced that Lawson came third! Chisholm won, groan.

So pretty fun day, but its a shame we didn’t win.

Letter to Liz

Dear Liz,

It sounds like you had a great holiday.I did too. The first few weeks were spent at home, boring me. My holidays first got exciting on the 12th of January.
I flew to perth that day. All of my family lives there so I was really excited.I saw my cousin on the 13th, or 14th.She is at that stage that you just adore her. Halima is 1 and just starting to talk. She can say Mama, Dada, ya, for please she says peas, for Lilli she says Giggy, fpr Aunty Kikki she says Kik, for my little brother Owen she says owowowowow or obobobobob. I enjoyed my time in Perth.
Some of the things I am looking forward to in 5/6 is the met-challenge, buddies, using more public transport and contiuing to work on my blog. I think I will do well in these becausei love answering questions and reading maps, working with and helping little kids, exploring different ways to do the same  thing aswell as ICT and programming.
I expect to enjoy participating in these activities also because doing so will require using some of my talents. ICT and art skills, patience and different questioning strategies are some of mine.
My favorite subjects are ICT and art. After school I enjoy running ’round the back with my neighbours. My favourite colour is Yellow and I enjoy eating Ice- cream.
Sincerely,           Lilli C. 🙂