Spelling – Term 4 Week 1



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Activity One:

Define each word using a dictionary. Show whether it is a verb, noun etc.

sustainability~noun: the property of being sustainable (sustain: keep up the vitality or strength of)

particular~adjective: not general.

generator~ noun:Machine for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Renewable~ adjective: that can be renewed or extended.

environmental~ adjective: of  or related to the external conditions or surroundings.

harnessing~verb: the act of putting a harness on.

historically~ Adverb: in the past.

culturally~ : relating to culture. ( culture- ideas, art and of a particular societ.)

interrogating~Verb: to interrogate. ( to ask questions closely, aggressively or formally.) 

ethical~ Adjective: being in accordance for rules of right conduct. 

Activity Two:

Choose one word from your list. The word must be at least 7 letters long. Using only the letters in that word, see how many other words you can create (words must be 2 or more letters long).











Due Friday 17th October – posted to blogs.

Spelling Test on Friday 17th October.

Maths mate: Term 3, Sheet 5

Problem 23: I think of a number, divide it by 2 then add 12. If the answer is 20, what was the original number?

Predict: I predict that I will need to use subtraction in this problem.

Clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify.

Find the big question: What was the original number?


  1. Since I have to reverse the process, because I have to find the original number, we will reverse the operations too.
  2. The equation that they did was: __  / 2  + 12 = 20. But since we are reversing it we are doing subtraction and multiplication, because they are the opposite operation.
  3. The equation that w are doing is: 20 – 12 x 2 = 16.

The answer is 16.

Summary: The mathematicians toolbox strategy that I used in this sum was work backwards.

Spelling: Term 3, Week 3












In this passage I visualised an orange tree next to a big oval of grass…

An Ice storm is not a very extreme phenomonem, but it does cause alot of damage.

“Everybody just remain calm until the authorities arrive.”

“Stop stop stop! Just watch this movie! Oh, and the truck collides with the bridge!”


A suffix is a syllable added on to the end of a base/root word.




















Spelling Term 1 Week 8

Activity 1:

As a result of federation, there was an increase in immigration from other countries. When people first arrived in Australia, they got needles and medication to make sure they did not carry unwanted germs or bugs. The immunization impacted greatly on the government’s financial problems, as it was very expensive. Also, the training of the doctors, including many demonstrations and courses, added up immensely.

Activity 2:

Eloquent: having or exercising the power of fluent, forceful, and appropriate speech.

Euthanasia: painless death.

Guillotine: a device for beheading a person -a heavy blade that is dropped between two posts.

Constitution: the act of establishment.

Executive: a person or group having supervisory authority in an organization.

Activity 3:

The state government spends its funds through a series of departments, each of  which provides services for the public. Each department is responsible to a  cabinet minister, but has a permanent head as well. This permanent head is a  senior public servant , who usually hold his or her position for many years. On  the other hand, the cabinet ministers change from time to time, usually as a result of an elections.

Activity 4:

Suffix/ Prefix Meaning Example Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Un- Not Underneath Underdone Uninspiring Underlapped
Multi- More than one Multistorey Multiplayer Multicolour Multiplied
Over- On top of Oversubscribed Overdone Overlayed Overlapped
Super- Better supermarket Supersize Superintendent Superpower
-less None/no Worthless Joyless Heatless Boneless
-ish A bit like Selfish Largish Smallish Boyish
-er More Quicker Slower Lazier Faster

Spelling Term 1 Week 6

Week 6 act Allocate Abdication
28.2.2014 award Appeals Adjournment
border Approved Advocate
chamber Assembled Allegiance
civic Believe Allowances
conduct Broadcasting Amendments
contract Cabinet Anarchy
convicted Capital Arbitration
crime Colonies Architect
debate Commons arguments




Please complete the following sentences with “them’ or “those”.


  1. Those  (Them, Those) parliamentarians are arguing again – stop them( them, those).
  2. Pass  me those (Them, those) volumes of Hansard, please.
  3. Do you agree with those (Them, those) new laws to be presented for Parliamentary debate?
  4. The police picked those ( them, those) burglars in the neighbor’s backyard.



Activity Two

Silent Letters:

Decide which words below have silent letters. Write these words and letters into the boxes.


Debt                foreign            campaign       monarch         sea      cooperate marriage   Adjourn          bridge             roads              rights   shadow


Silent Letters


Silent Letters

Foreign G Debt B
Monarch H Campaign G
Sea A Marriage A, E
Roads A Rights G, H


Activity three:

Look in your thesaurus to find two synonyms and two antonyms for each word below:



  Two Synonyms Two Antonyms
Govern Control Obey
  Direct Serve
Pollution Foulness Purification
  Infection Cleanliness
Member Representative  Enemy
  Component  Opponent


Maths mate Term 1 Sheet 3

Question 22: It takes Sarah twelve minutes to saw a pole into three pieces, how long would it take to saw a pole into five pieces?

Predict: I predict that I will need to use division in this problem.

Clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify.

Find the big picture: How long will it take to saw a pole into five pieces?


1. first we need to find out how long it takes to saw a pole. To do this we need to divide 12 by 3 because it took 12 minutes to saw a pole into three pieces. 12 divided by 3 equals 4.

2. Now we know that it takes 4 minutes to saw one piece. But because we need to saw a pole into 5 pieces, we need to add on 4 minutes to make 4 pieces, which equals 16 minutes, and then another 4 minutes to make 5 pieces. Which equals 20 minutes.

Summarize: The strategy I used for this problem was break the problem into manageable parts.

Maths Mate Term 1 Sheet 1 Problem

Question 23: Which two weight need to be swapped to balance the scales?

Predict: I think this problem is a number based problem. I predict will involve a lot of problem solving skills.

Clarify: Balance- each side needs to be equal/ even weight

Find the big picture: Swap two weights so both sides weigh


1. I added up each side to see how much they weighed. The LHS weighed 16 kg an the RHS weighed 12.

2. Added together both sides weighed 28 kgs, which means each side has to weigh 14 kgs.

3. I used trial and error by swapping different numbers and seeing if they added up to 14.

4. First I tried swapping 5 and 9. It made 19 on the RHS. So I tried swapping 7 and 9. It made 14 on the RHS and the LHS. Yes!

Summary: The strategy I used to solve this problem was Guess, Check and Improve.

105 word 100 WC #14

It was Christmas Day. I awoke with a start.”Mmhhhe”. What’s the time? The lights started flickering. On, off, on,off, on, off. I sat up in bed. I heard creaking from downstairs. The wooden floorboards always make that noise when they haven’t been walked on for a while. I heard the morning birds singing, even though it was 1:38 am. I heard noises. Wee-eee-ooh-ooo. Like the Sci-fi ring tone for Apple. Arr-ahh-ahhh! Oool-eee-doo! Daa-ree-bah!  And then the noises stopped.

“OW! What was that for!” I yelled sleepily at my brother. He had just jumped on me. “It’s Christmas!” He said. “Owen, look behind you.” I whispered.

Term 3 Integrated Project: Other groups

Sean and Jack: Dr Fiona Wood

Dr Wood is a medical scientist and she  invented spray on skin. She saw the Indonesian bombing and saw lots of people being badly burnt.  She says this is like a second chance for people.The formula contains a type of gum to make it sticky; though it is still flexible! How smart is she?



India: Abigail Allwood

Abby Allwood is 40 years old. She was at college for 6-7 years and was born in Victoria.  She applied for a job to work on different planets. Abby graduated at  the Macquarie University of Sydney and a University in Queensland: a School of Tech. Always wanted to study fossils.  She studied physics but changed to geology because she found maths maths boring. In 2020 some people are  going to launch a robot onto mars. She  applied for a job National American Space Academy.


Erik and Jacob: Dr Martin

Martin received his degree from Washington University. He then moved to the Institute of cancer research. If a stem cell turns into a blood cell it cannot change back, unlike if it  transforms into any other cell.  Dr Martin has helped us have a better understanding of stem cells which can improve cell cancer. He published over 100 texts. Did you know that stem cells can be removed and reprogrammed as a part of the inner body.


Madeleine, Layla and Cindy: Dame Kate Campbell

She was born on the 22 April, 1899, in Hawthorn, Victoria. She had Scottish and New Zealand backgrounds. She died 12 July 1986. She was a physician and a penutrition; which means she worked with babies and children. She helped discover why babies were suddenly dying. The hotspot for it is here and Tasmania. Kate discovered the connection between the brain and eye sicknesses, and she was the first to discover Retirolental Fibroplasia.

The International Day of the Girl: Education

Today (11/10) is the The International Day of the Girl. The focus this year is on education. Here are some things I learnt today:

  •  70 per cent of the one billion people living in extreme poverty are women and girls.
  • Girls are three times more likely to starve than boys
  • 65 million  girls do not attend primary or secondary school.
  • If they have the chance to go to school, girls are six times less likely to be married early.

While I was reading this information,I felt really sympathetic for these women and children.  It is so sad that women are more deprived that men.

I will definitely try to help improve poverty, education and life skills for women and girls.