100 WC #6

My brothers and I (the four billy goats gruff) were trotting along a bridge. It was a beautiful spring day, with lots of green grass the over the bridge. But looking down, I was surprised to see a grumpy, fuzzy looking troll lounging about. He was making no move whatsoever to try and eat us, stop us or shoo us away, like our cousins (the three billy goats gruff) told us he would. In fact, he was sleeping. Suddenly, he opened his great red eyes and stared into mine own. His furry complexion turned ruby red.Water splashed.Blood spattered. Everything went black.

Mathsmate T3 S8

Predict I predict this sum will be about addition.

Read Complete the addition table.

+ 7 1  
1     7


Clarify I have no words sentences or phrases to clarify. (It’s pretty straight forward.)

Big Question Fill in the gaps in the addition table.

Mathematicians Toolbox Break the problem into manageable parts.

Solve So, the first numbers I deal with are the numbers on the top row. Now, this blank square only has a 7 in its column. It does have a 13 but that doesn’t help much. What + 1=7? 6. That’s the top row done.

Second one. What + seven is 13? 6. 6+1+=7, put the seven down in the second row, third column.6+6=12, put that down in the last column.

Third row. 7+1=8, 8 goes in the first column. 1+1=2, 2 goes in the third column.

Fourth and final row. Because there is a blank square with two blank ones next to it, we start at the fourth column. 6+ what = 13? 7. Seven goes in the first column. 7+7=14. 14 goes in the second column. 1+7=8, 8 goes in the third column. And we are done. Whoo!

+ 7 1 6
6 13 7 12
1 8 2 7
7 14 8 13


100WC #1- restart

Walking through Melbourne Prison, where the wrongdoing had occurred, the slain bodies of officers lay helplessly around me. They were  carelessly scattered on the floor. The prisoners had escaped. The world was in great danger. These were the most wanted criminals internationally. They had just happened to be in the same suburb at the same time. Nobody in all of Moonee Valley would have survived if we hadn’t caught them.  I was the only one left of the Retrieval Squad now. My fellow officers were no more. Suddenly I heard a door creak.  I was surrounded by wanted delinquents. “Nighty-night!”


As the train entered the tunnel I gasped at its magnificent beauty. How had it managed to stay this fabulous ever since the 1920’s? It was ruby red and sparkling like crystals, like it had just been painted. But its round just then went through bushes and trees: which would surely scratch it. My family and I hopped on the train and went through Victoria’s bushland on this exhilarating train. It took our breath away when it went down a steep hill at top speed, but managed to smoothly brake straight after it. I asked Mum how, “Lilli, wake up…”

Mathsmate T3 S3 problem 23

Predict: I predict this will be a worded problem.             

Read:  Towns A to F are being connected by fibre optics cables along existing roads. Calculate the minimum length of cable required. ( Each town must be connected to at least one other town. All distances are in kilometres.)

 -click on this thumbnail


Clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify.

Big Question:  How much cable is needed to connect towns A-F, if all towns must need to be connected to at least one other town?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Draw a diagram.

Solve:  I ran my finger along the roads: A-B (20), B-C(58), C-D(17), D-E(40)and E-F(52). The other roads don’t need to be followed because they are just excess. Now we add the kilometre distance of each road we followed.






+  52

= 187

Summarize:  My prediction  was correct- it was a worded problem.  My mathematicians toolbox strategy- Draw a diagram– I kind of used, as the already drawn diagram was a big help.

Mathsmate T3 S2 problem 23

Predict: I predict this problem will be about addition.

Read: Fill in the missing digits in the sum.

1  6   _

5  5  5

+  _ 4  9


9  _  8


Clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify (it’s pretty self-explanatory.)

Big Question: What are the missing digits?

Mathematicians Toolbox:  Work backwards.

Solve: 9 + 5 is 14, but there is an 8 at the bottom, therefore I need to get to 18- the box is a 4. Carry the one. 6 + 5 + 4+1 (because we carried it) is 16 – 6 in the box and carry the one. 1 + 1 + 5 is 7, but the answer is 9 – the box is 2.

Summarize:  My prediction was correct, as this was an addition sum. My mathematicians toolbox strategy-  work backwards was a big help in this sum.


Mathsmate T3 S1 problem 22

Predict: I predict this problem will be about division.

Read: Rugby players numbered 1-12 are standing in a circle in a numerical order. They are evenly spaced. What does the player opposite number 3 wear?

Clarify: I have no words, sentences or phrases to clarify

Big Question: What does the player opposite number 3 wear?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Find a pattern or a rule.

Solve: So, first I set about drawing a circle , using a ruler to try and get the numbers 1 -12 evenly spaced. Hang on, numbers 1-12 are on a clock! I thought. So, if 1-12 are all evenly spaced on a clock, what is opposite 3 on a clock? 9!!!

Summarize:  My prediction was incorrect, as I didn’t use division, (subtraction, multiplication or addition, actually), I only used my mathematicians toolbox strategy- Find a pattern or a rule.

100 wc #week34


Photo of  Phoenix

All of a sudden a Phoenix burst out of the inflamed house before me, tiny and shrivelled. They are  fiery red and orange with yellow twinges in their feathers. a phoenix is born from the flames and dies by bursting into them, and is reborn  from the ashes. Same still, it is like a baby being born again. I would still be me I am just being reborn.

If I could get a photo of this creature I could prove to all those small-minded people that phoenixes are real. Beautiful, flaming creatures, they are of existence. I am sure of it.


Start of Mission:                                                                       Completed Mission:      


Red= Not counted in 100 words.