Cabaret 2014- Poem and Recount.


the podium was staring at me,

the script in the big book

that only I could see.

The words began pouring out of my mouth,

trying to be the great narrator

everyone thought I could be.

I don’t know if I was,

if I read the words right,

but only I could see the script

in the concert of the night.


I rushed to my position,

backstage to the wings,

and everyone around me

could feel the tension.

We started singing,

the music ringing

in my ears,

and then I knew that this was it,

Cabaret 2014.



On Tuesday 28th of October 2014, Moonee Ponds Primary School walked to the Clocktower Centre for the 5/6’s last cabaret at this school, Almost Alice.

We had two shows, the Matinee and the Evening performance. I arrived at 5:40 for a 7 o’clock start. We got our hair and makeup done by Jess, Esther’s sister Anya and Anya’s friend. When I had finished I went downstairs to wait in the wings because I was the narrator.

Finally it started!The theatre was packed, not one seat empty. I walked out to the podium and began my story before 5/6 B’s performance- Alice in the Sky with Diamonds.

This repeated for the entire show- me, item, me, item, me, item- with Alice, the Cheshire Cat, Alice’s sister, the Mouse and the Rabbit talking occasionally. My favourite items were the preps, 5/6 C- ugly heart, and, of course, ours! No, I’m only joking. But we did a mash-up of ‘I’m Ready’ by AJR, ‘Heart and Soul’ by Built by Titan, and ‘Magic’ by B.o.B- which was really fun to dance to!

The ‘surprise item’ by the  was ‘Live Louder’ by Nathaniel. It was very exciting to watch!

But unfortunately it had to end. I went out on the stage and said my last line before our finale, ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams!

Well, that was it, my last ever cabaret at MPPS, and I’m sure I won’t forget it anytime soon.

Tying Beginnings to Endings


Lately we have been learning about tying beginnings to endings in our stories. Some of the ways to do this are using themes like intense action, intriguing question, feeling, sensory description and sound effects/ onomatopoeia. For my story, I chose sound effects/ onomatopoeia. I hope you enjoy!

Pop! The popcorn expands in the bag. Pop! The noise gets louder and louder. Pop! POP! POP! Something’s wrong here…

“AAGGHH!” I scream. I see a spark on the side of the microwave. “AAGGH!” My brother screams. We see the edge of the bag starting to catch fire. “AARRGGHH!” My mum screams  as the microwave dish goes into overdrive. It spins and spins and spins until it breaks loose of the stand and bounces wildly inside the box.

CRASH! Owen and I dive behind the couch. CRASH! BANG! The whole popcorn bag is on fire. CRASH! BANG! POW! We yell for my mum to run. She grabs the fire blanket and throws it on the microwave> The dish sucks it in. The door pops open. The sparks edge out of the microwave…

“EEEKK!” We all run upstairs. “RAAGGHHHT!” The microwave yells. “PLOOONNKKK!” The cord hits and hits the microwave edges. We can hear it getting louder…

BANG! The door gets demolished by the dish. BANG! The buttons beep and beep and beep. BANG! BANG! BANG! The cord flies around with a mind of its own.

All of a sudden, The dish starts to slow down slightly. The buttons stop beeping. The cord stops flinging. We bound down the stairs…

SSSS… The smoke slowly eases out of the microwave. SSSS… It fills the house quickly. SSSHH… The microwave melts in on itself.

School Camp- Moment in time- Maybe next time.

It was the 28th of November, 2013, 12:15. We were all coughing and spluttering as it was cold windy and rainy. Nobody could see any sign of a fish. Nobody could feel a tug on their rod. I was very, very bored and could not help doubting myself. I was minding my own business, staring plainly in the dar, deep ocean, when I heard a scream beside me from Eve. My hands and the bottoms of my legs were numb. I did not bring any gloves to camp and that day of all days I just had to wear ¾ length leggings. I could barely move and by the time I got up Molly was already there. “AHH! I’VE GOT SOMETHING! I’VE GOT SOMETHING!” She yelled. “OK, OK, reel it in then! Quickly! Quickly! It’s gonna get caught on the rocks! Faster! Faster!” Molly squealed. Eve jumped up off the floor. We were all sitting down, as only 4 of us 30-35 children actually caught something in the end. We were all exceptionally bored. “Pull it up!” I exclaimed excitedly. We all watched as the fish thrashed and wiggled as Eve  kept reeling. The smell of seafood suddenly cluttered my nose. I almost fell ito the water, I was coughing so hard. “Ahh! Ahh! Eww! Gross!” Eve squealed. She had pulled it into eye level and the fish had touched her face. “ Yuck! Gross! A fish just touched my face!” Molly tried to grab the fish. “ Eww! It’s all slimy!” She squealed. Eve wriggled the rod when she stood up and the fish managed to jerk it’s head off the hook. Molly and Eve were still wiping themselves. “You’re kidding me!” I whispered. “What?!” said Eve.

“It’s gone, Eve! Open your eyes!”

“Oh! Oww. I thought I got it!”

“Well, it’s gone now, isn’t it. Nevermind! I need some more bait.”

And so the fis was dropped into the depths of the river and never found again. A disappointment, I know, but the moral of the story- don’t give up. Eve did keep going but didn’t catch a fish. Maybe next time.

How to make a perfect speech

Making a perfect speech takes a bit of practice, but once you understand you will never make a bad speech again. So follow these steps and prepare to amaze your audience!


  • Paper
  • Information on your topic
  • Stationary (Pens, pencils, ect)/computer
  • An audience
  • (Optional- if you are speaking to a larger audience you will need a microphone.


  1. Take your research and type it up/write it down onto palm sized cards. These  should not have your word for word speech on them.
  2. Read, re-read and re-re-read your cards and practice your speech many times. By the end of your rehearsals you should know your speech of by heart.
  3. When performing, you should always remember to:

a)      Project your voice

b)     Make eye contact with your audience and do not look at your cue cards too often.

c)      Stand still, straight and don’t fidget.

d)     Speak clearly- don’t stutter and don’t go too slow or fast.

4.  When you have finished speaking stand for a while in case people want to ask questions. Also if you rush off it will be as if you want it all to be over.

The Red Rulers Race

Some time ago, in the 1940s, there lived Betty, Kathleen and Donna- the Red Rulers. They were called this because they were red red red- red clothes, red house, red trains they always took. They also- if you were alongside them, believers of environment and people saving – ruled the land they settled upon. They had just gotten off a boat from England 2 years ago, which was devastating for Princess Elizabeth, their friend.

Donna, Betty and Kathleen were adventurous girls of 18. They lived inEssondon, Melbourne and rode on red steam trains whenever they could, in the time of the Second World War.

Once all of the Red Rulers were of age, they set off to become detectives. And that they were. They had received several awards to Sir Stanley Seymour Argle, the Prime Minister and he had just died. Dead bodies-“Yes, war has moved through here!”-Blood spilt-“I’m on it, officer, we are!” This story is not of that nonsense. This is the story of how they saved their own lives, by the simple rule of caution.

It was not the Red Rulers who were the only ones interested in crime. There lived a man by the name of Frank. Mass murdered, death plotter- in others words, a raving lunatic. He was planning to create an agency to employ Kathleen, Betty and Donna-then to slip a potion into their morning juice-that is, if they accepted his offer to come on site, where they would stay over the course of the work days. The Red Rulers had not heard of this man before-something they hadn’t.

4 weeks later…

Betty Donna and Kathleen were soon running out of money. They could not afford the equipment they needed. The Red Rulers seeked employment.

Frank was over the moon that he had a chance to employ the red rulers.  How he found out that they were searching- even he has no idea. He must have his sources, but forgotten them.  He set about planning his idea, although he was stumped by the fact that he would have to give them money. They had to trust him-otherwise they wouldn’t come on site , where they would sleep and eat and drink. “Watch your backs Red Rascals!” He cackled.

In two weeks’ time, the red rulers were so desperate for cash, they settled on site at Frank’s Detectives-a bad name if you ask them. Within two days Frank was so eager, he began to brew his poison. It was an orangey, yellowy red, just, just noticeable in orange juice, a very popular juice in America in the 1940’s. The effect was instant confession, and after all of the interesting answers were given, a slow and painful death.

On the second of September 1940 Frank picked the Red Rulers up on a steam train along the Essendon North Melbourne railway. It had been 3 days since their jobs began and Franks hatred for them was so obvious the red  rulers were very cautious They checked their beds sniffed their drinks and just to be sure did not eat onsite but cooked and prepared their own food Frank slipped in the potion on the 5th of December. What a memorable day that was!

Frank did not know how careful the Red Rulers had been, and on the 6th it paid off. The juice had crust on the edge of the glass. Hydra chloric acid. An acid that kills. They fled Frank shot after them. Literally, with a gun, not his feet. The Red Rulers did the same. Their combined, aimed shots, not random shots, got his powerful potion, which was right above his head. How funny it was listening to him confessing who he secretly loved!

The End

105 100 Word Challenge?Um…

The light is so bright I can hardly pass. I am playing a netball game against St Monicas and they’re  beating us 1-12. We’re going to lose again, like we do every week. We have only won one game so far, that’s because Essendon forfeited. But most of us have never played before and these girls all play for teams. YEAH! Go Juzzy! He just scored! Right now he is playing GA, my favourite position, but I’m stuck in WA. I wanted to play GD today, because my neighbour Scarlett has come down to B Team (in GA) just so she could play us. Thanks a lot, Scarlett.


100 WC #week33

“Hey! Give that back!” shouted Molly, as the swooping birds took her lunch. They were swooping as if they have never swooped before. We were ducking, bending, crouching, squatting and stooping up in the playground. Pretty soon everybody was under cover, as if it had started hailing, and over all the windy noises we heard the loudspeaker: “All students please get under cover and out of the bird-storm, all students out of the storm please!”  Mary at the office added, as some boys, thinking they were so cool in my opinion, ran outside. Idiotic boys. “Watch that poop!” I yelled.

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

I’m high, high in the air,

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

I have no despair,


As I am a Superb Fairy Wren.

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

No enemies can find me then.

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

As I drop my eggs far from my nest,

… Fly… Fly … Fly…

I am far more clever than the rest,

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

So take that, cats.

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

You can swing your little bats,

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

But you and your friend can never find me.

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

As I am, by far, smarter than you and he.

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

So you may as well give up,

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

Or you’ll be running, hup hup hup.

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

You gingery little beasts,

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

You won’t be able to find me, once I fly east.

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

Hee hee hee hee hee.

… Fun … Fun … Fun…

Ha ha ha ha ha.

… Fun … Fun … Fun…

Ho ho ho ho ho.

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

Again im extremely high,

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

High, high, in the sky,

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

So you might want to leave,

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

As I’m high, high high in a tree,

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

Totally out of your league,

… Fly … Fly … Fly…

Oh, nooooooooooOO!

… Fall … Fall … Fall…



100 WC week #32

Slowly the morning sun glow appeared.

…as the sun came up…

And my morning mood slowly jeered,

…as the sun came up…

From the usual to a different.

…as the sun came up…

I was suddenly more efficient.

…as the sun came up…

I had my homework done,

…as the sun came up…

As a greeting to the morning sun,

…as the sun came up…

Then came a slight change.

…as the sun came up…

I felt a little strange.

…as the sun came up…

I am a witch.

…as the sun came up …

I felt a sudden flitch.