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Hi, my name is Lilli and I am living in Melbourne.I am just a normal ten year old girl in grade five. I have strawberry blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.I also have alot of freckles. Not the chocolate kind.

I live with my brother, mum and dad in a two storey house. My favourite subject is Art. Outside of school I like to run around out the back with my neighbours. My nicknames are Lil, Lilli Mcpilli, Lilpill, Lilzies and Pickles.(Courtesy of my little brother.)

My favourite food is Ice cream. My favourite colour is Yellow. My favourite movies are Despicable Me and Cat In the Hat.My favourite Ice cream flavours are Choc-Mint, Cookies and Cream, Caramel, Liquorice and Mango sorbet.

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  1. sorry I have not read your blog for such a long time. Your maths are a lot harder than mine were when I went to primary school. If you are doing these now you will be a wiz kid when you get to upper school. Bye for now love from nanny Jill and pop rabbit.

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